Navy ruffle straw disc hat with navy lilies and veiling
Grey straw, oval diamond tilt disc with black bind and ruffle sinamay trim
Old gold sinamay folded disc with spot veiling
Tan straw ruffle pointed headpiece with organdie ruffles and veiling
Bright pink sinamay, double cut disc with pink veiling and petal trim
Red and blue organdie flower headpiece with wired buds and red veiling
Coral pink pointy straw headpiece with cut out edge, navy bind, navy coils and sinamay flowers
Light green window sinamay flat disc, with curled burnt ostrich feathers and straw coils
Navy straw cut out brim hat with navy fabric flower trim
Light green ruffle straw small disc with large white organdie flowers and green quills
Cream sinamay disc with black spots, black sinamay bow and coil trim
Bright blue small sinamay disc with beige coils
Black and white snake print sinamay pill box with black and snake print coils
Pink two pointed straw tilt disc hat with cream and pink coil trim
Navy straw ruffle small disc with red organdie flowers and red fronds
Cream window sinamay small cut disc, with coils and cream flower petal trim
Black felt pill box with medium pheasant wing feather wheel and black ruffled sinamay behind
Natural open weave straw layered over black, pill box with mix feather trim
Brown felt pill box with curled pheasant feathers
Navy felt pill box with wired pheasant feather trim
Navy felt ruffle with peacock feather bunches and blue feathers
Navy felt ruffle with green organdie petals and peacock feather bunches
Pheasant feather headpiece
Ivory lace and organdie petal flower on veiling with crystal stamen on a comb
Ref: CH 30
White small flowers and green leaves bound on a head band
Ref: CH 28
Ivory lace cut out and wired petals with crystal stamens
Ref: CH 27
Ivory ruffled fabric small base with ivory pointy petals and pearl stamens
Ref: CH 26
White wired feather head band with crystal stamens
Ref: CH 25
Goldie lace small button pill box with beads
Ref: CH 7
Beige/grey textured fabric small flat pill box with ruffled fabric, beads and feathers
Ref: CH 24
Cream window sinamay layered over black sinamay, small button pill box with black coil and button
Ref: CH 6
Black sinamay cut and folded small disc with bright orange and pink flower
Ref: CH 21
Black straw upturned hat with black and white stripe ostrich feather bundle
Ref: CH 20
Navy and blue small pointy flower and navy coil head band
Ref: CH 9
Black petal flower and wired buds with black veiling head piece
Ref: CH 3
Ivory textured fabric small button pill box with small flowers and crystal stamen
Ref: CH 19
Black straw twist head piece with black veiling, black and guinea fowl feathers
Ref: CH 14
Cream window sinamay mid disc hat with cream flower trim and feathers
Ref: CH 15
White pinok poke curved tilt disc hat with ivory and pink petal flower trim
Ref: CH 11
Cream and dark navy ruffled sinamay head piece with curled quills
Ref: CH 18
Red straw two pointed tilt disc hat with red coil trim
Ref: CH 2
Pink and orange petal flower head piece
Ref: CH17
Cream and black large straw disc hat with black and gold lily trim
Ref: CH 1